A General overview of the various PC Races.

Elves: the First-Born. At the time of their creation they are the equivalent of the MM Gray Elves (With Sorcerer as a favored class.)
By the time of the First Elven War (-325 SI) the Illitharan Dark Elves (Dark Skinned High Elves Ranger/Cleric as favored classes for males and females respectively.) Become a viable PC race option. The Rangers are the non spellcasting variety from Complete Warrior (Pg 13) The Illitharan Dark Elves are shadowed hunters who segregate males and females and train males in unarmed as well as armed combat (so some monk abilities might become racial feat choices.

Lythari: Wolf-Blooded Elven Werewolves, descended from House Royal, they rise to prominece in
-210 SI. See Monsters of Faerun (Pg 93)

Half Elves/Half Dark Elves: These begin to appear in elven record in -70 SI, which suggessts that they exsisted since -100 SI 30 years before, when the Illitharan Dark Elves taught the Men magic. Since all Illitharan magic was in the hands of females it stands to reason that intermarriages must have occured.

Please take note. The True 20 True Sorcerery supplement is the magic system used for the campaign.


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